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Revenue Cycle Management Resources

Case Study: BCBS Wellmark and Wheaton Franciscan Hospital: Exceeding Quality and Financial Goals

Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Iowa launched one of the first ACOs in the Midwest. Within one year of joining the shared savings payment model, Wheaton-Franciscan Healthcare-Iowa met and exceeded its quality goals, earning an incentive... Download white paper

MACRA: How to Prepare for Tomorrow’s Healthcare Industry

Are you ready for the next wave of regulatory and reimbursement changes? Go beyond surviving - learn to thrive in this new healthcare environment. In our ebook, we've outlined things you need to know about MACRA, the Quality Payment Program,... Download white paper

5 Tips to Optimize Narrow Network Performance

Are you feeling a sense of urgency as the year comes to an end? Our panel of experts walk through 5 tips to optimize narrow network performance. Close the year off strong and maximize the value of every dollar. You can optimize... View webcast

Denial Management: 10 Tested Techniques that Get Claims Paid

Does your medical practice have a healthy revenue cycle? If you haven't focused on insurance denials, then think again. Denials might be the most underestimated and poorly understood sources of significant cash leakage from your practice's... View webcast

Don’t be Derailed by Denials: 7 Strategies to Slash Your Denial Rate

Denial management in healthcare continues to be a challenge—in part because the traditional way of working denials is time-consuming, costly, and prone to error. Denials eat up as much as 3-5% of provider revenue, and according to some... Download white paper

Infographic: Undeniable Challenges: The Reality of Healthcare Claims Denials

The average rate of claims denials in the healthcare industry is 5-10%. 90% of denials are preventable, and two out of three denials are recoverable. Download this infographic for an overview of the claims denials process. Readers will learn... Download white paper

An Everything Guide to MACRA and Beyond

In 2019, Medicare Access & CHIP Reauthoriza­tion Act (MACRA) will determine how Medicare reimburses doctors. Start getting ready for MACRA immediately. Download this whitepaper to learn how to be proactive and successfully prepare with... Download white paper

High Performing Physician Network: What it Means and How to Achieve it

When it comes to performance, even incremental improvement can yield results. Download the ebook and lean about key performance metrics and key attributes that can significantly increase your organization's revenue. Readers will learn about:... Download white paper

Patient Pay: Discovering the Best Ways to Collect

Physicians are facing mounting financial pressure from all directions. Discover the best way to target the areas that will be of most value. Download this ebook to learn four areas of focus to improve patient pay collections. Download white paper

From Information to Insight:  MACRA, Analytics and the Move from Volume to Value

Advances in technology have provided healthcare organizations with a myriad of disparate systems from which to get information. While the volume of data has grown exponentially in recent years, the availability and access to that data has dropped... View webcast

Infographic: 10 Things You Need to Know About MACRA

Finally figuring out PQRS, VM, and MU? Don't get too comfortable. The new MACRA ruling creates a whole new framework to drive providers to value-based care. Medical practices need to understand and prepare for this complex mandate or suffer... Download white paper

The New Spectrum of Care: Many to One - A Payer View of Population Health Management

The amount of data flowing through the current health care system has increased exponentially in recent years, and the shift to a value-based system confirms that amount is only going to keep growing. Population health management continues... Download white paper

Earning Incentives, Avoiding Penalties: 5 Keys to Success with PQRS and Beyond

Despite the frustrations of keeping up with each new mandate, there is an intended goal in sight: Improve the quality of care while lowering costs. The principal strategy involves replacing traditional fee-for-service reimbursement, which rewards... Download white paper

Thriving as an Independent Practice: The 5 Keys to Success

In a recent Epocrates survey, 58% of doctors said they prefer independent practice to employment, and indications suggest the outlook for independent providers may be improving. And According to data from the athenaHealth network, independent... Download white paper

Winning At Risk: A Medicare Shared Savings Playbook

Successfully managing the transition to accountable care is one of the most difficult challenges facing health organizations today. Download this guide and readers will learn our step-by-step playbook to the Medicare Shared Savings Program. Increase... Download white paper

Health Care IT: The Real (and Hidden) Costs of Ownership

Health care IT investments have a significant impact on an organization’s overall finances, and the most important calculation when evaluating HCIT investments is assessing the “total cost of ownership”. Download this whitepaper... Download white paper

Getting Fit for the Future: Community Hospitals in a Time of Transition

With mounting cost and consolidation pressures, community hospitals need a new approach for handling the challenges of today’s healthcare environment. Download this whitepaper and learn about these 5 key strategies for building a strong... Download white paper

Academic Medical Centers: Disrupt, Transform and Grab the Mantle of Change

Academic Medical Centers are facing mounting pressure to drastically alter their approach to their mission while maintaining their brand via the clinical, teaching and research that have driven their reputation for years. Download this whitepaper... Download white paper

The New Role of the CFO: Getting Equipped For A Changing Financial Landscape

It is clear that the role of the CFO is under evolution. The role is more valued than ever. However, the job is tougher than ever and CFOs must focus their attention on advancing along three distinct strategic tiers: Optimize the health... Download white paper