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Revenue Cycle Management

Health Systems, Physicians See Significant Revenue Losses in 2015

by Jacqueline Belliveau

Both integrated healthcare systems and private physician practices saw operating losses in 2015, according to a revenue cycle management survey conducted by the American Medical Group Association. Integrated healthcare systems saw an operating...

Reducing Use of Low-Value Services Cuts Healthcare Costs

by Jacqueline Belliveau

Providers can substantially lower their healthcare costs by reducing the use of low-value services, even though these services account for a substantially small portion of healthcare spending, according to a recent study by the RAND Corporation...

88% Improve Claims Submissions Using Revenue Cycle Analytics

by Jacqueline Belliveau

According to a Navicure survey, medical organizations that used a revenue cycle analytics or business intelligence solution were able to boost performance on key healthcare revenue cycle metrics. About 88 percent of participants reported that...

Healthcare Costs Concerns Impact Provider Rationing Behavior

by Jacqueline Belliveau

It is not uncommon to hear patients say that healthcare costs are going up, especially as more individuals enroll in high-deductible health plans. But, some providers oftentimes question if they should be responsible for helping to control costs....

74% of Providers See Increased Patient Financial Responsibility

by Jacqueline Belliveau

A recent report from InstaMed found that 74 percent of healthcare providers reported an increase in patient financial responsibility in 2015, which has prompted healthcare revenue cycle management strategies to focus more on consumers. “With...

Patient Billing Challenges Revenue Cycle Management

by Catherine Sampson

Patient payment and billing are significant revenue cycle management challenges that should not be ignored.  According to a recent survey conducted by Navicure, 63 percent of participants recognized that patient payment processes were “a...

5 Ways to Cut Costs through Hospital Revenue Cycle Management

by Catherine Sampson

As healthcare costs continue to rise, hospital revenue cycle management has become an important focal point for providers. Healthcare expenditures in the US are projected to reach $4.4 trillion by 2018, according to an article in The American...

5 Most Common Hospital Revenue Cycle Management Challenges

by Catherine Sampson

Since the Affordable Care Act, the task of hospital revenue cycle management has changed significantly. Between ICD-10, MACRA, and accountable care, it has become a hospital’s best interest to have an effective revenue cycle management...

Top 5 Ways to Optimize Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

by Vera Gruessner

Revenue cycle management remains relatively elusive in the new healthcare landscape, as new regulations and reforms have led the industry to evolve and left many hospitals scrambling to keep their revenue strong in a value-based care reimbursement...

41% of Providers, Payers Adopt Value-Based Care Reimbursement

by Vera Gruessner

With the push from private and commercial health payers along with federal agencies to adopt value-based care reimbursement strategies, many more healthcare providers seem to have begun contracting through pay-for-performance arrangements. A...

Defining the Top 10 Terms of Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

by Catherine Sampson

In some cases, definitions for terms and acronyms related to healthcare revenue cycle management can come across as fairly straightforward. Other times, they can sound more like a foreign language. A healthcare professional may find it difficult...

How Automation Technology Could Cut $8 Billion in Healthcare

by Vera Gruessner

One method for better managing the revenue of a hospital and reducing wasteful spending is to reduce manual administrative processes and incorporate automation technology. The 2015 CAQH Index shows that the healthcare industry is needlessly spending...

3 Change Management Strategies for Revenue Cycle Results

by Kyle Murphy, T2C Consulting

Healthcare consumers receive the highest quality of service when operational inefficiencies are reduced and business processes are aligned to the goal of that service. That’s true for consumers, but also for providers, third-party relationships,...

Revenue Cycle Management Must Change for Community Hospitals

by Jacqueline Belliveau

Community hospitals in Massachusetts will continue to close if they do not make appropriate changes to their revenue cycle management strategies, a study reveals. The study, released by the Health Policy Commission (HCP) in Massachusetts, shows...

Why Concierge Medicine Programs Boost Patient Satisfaction

by Vera Gruessner

Due to the many complications of healthcare reform and the many quality care initiatives being established by federal agencies and payers, both new and well-established alternative healthcare delivery models are cropping up. Concierge medicine...

Epic Systems Tops List of Hospital RCM Technology Users

by Kyle Murphy, PhD

The healthcare industry finds itself at a turning point in regard to reimbursement. Fee-for-service reimbursement is giving way to alternative payment models that emphasize value over volume, but it remains a financially significant feature that...

4 Healthcare Revenue Cycle Outcomes Make Headway at HIMSS16

by Vera Gruessner

With the HIMSS16 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada coming to an end, it is useful to look back and see which avenues are making an impact on the healthcare revenue cycle among providers. Both health IT solutions and new reports coming out of the...

How to Slash Common Healthcare Supply Chain Management Costs

by Jacqueline DiChiara

Healthcare supply chain management strategies are generally tied to keeping costs low. But with an apparently broken system still in place, this is not a simple task. Whereas other industries seem to have made supply chain progress, the...

5 Ways Smaller Providers Maximize Revenue Cycle Management

by Jacqueline DiChiara

Revenue cycle management is about breaking through the cash flow ceiling and generating the greatest amount of net revenue possible. But issues of claims denials, coding compliance, where to intelligently cut cost corners, automation hiccups,...

How to Boost Ambulatory Revenue Cycle Management Performance

by Jacqueline DiChiara

Ambulatory revenue cycle management is driven by a variety of factors, such as the market growth of Electronic Health Records (EHRs), the meaningful use program, and technological trends. Operating as outpatient healthcare facilities, ambulatory...


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