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Hospital Sustainability

Efficient Hospitals Face Negative Medicare Margins, MedPAC Finds

March 18, 2019 - Medicare reimbursement rates rarely cover the actual costs of providing hospital care. But now negative Medicare margins are impacting the most efficient hospitals out there, according to a new report from the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC). In the commission’s annual March report to Congress, MedPAC reported that the select group of hospitals providing relatively...

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Senator Probes IRS About Non-Profit Hospital Compliance

by Jacqueline LaPointe

Senator Chuck Grassley is looking into non-profit hospital compliance with IRS rules for community health improvement and financial assistance to patients. In a Feb. 19 letter to IRS Commissioner Charles P. Rettig, Grassley explained that...

4 Hospital Business Models for Consumer-Centric Healthcare

by Jacqueline LaPointe

When a member of Gurpreet Singh’s family broke his wrist, they didn’t go to a hospital emergency room or an academic medical. Instead, the family headed to an urgent care center to triage the situation and develop a care...

GAO Finds Uptick in Rural Hospital Closures as Inpatient Use Falls

by Jacqueline LaPointe

Sixty-four rural hospitals closed between 2013 and 2017, more than double the number of rural hospitals closures in the prior five-year period, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently reported. Rural hospital closures are not...

Healthcare Sustainability Faces Challenges Worldwide

by Ryan Mcaskill

A new study examined healthcare sustainability around the world and found a number of challenges. One of the most important parts of any kind of reform is sustainability. It doesn’t matter how great the ideas implemented in a change are,...

Hospital Sustainability Purchasing to Reach 80 Percent by 2016

by Ryan Mcaskill

A new survey found that more hospitals are planning to invest in sustainability products going forward. The idea of “going green” has touched many aspects of today’s culture and it seems as it health care practices are starting to...


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