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Next Generation Account Care Organization ACO

Post-Acute, At-Home Care Saves Next Gen ACO Atrius Health $19.9M

January 30, 2019 - “You can't emphasize enough the right setting and the right care,” stressed Peggy Chou, MD, the Senior Medical Director of Performance Excellence of Atrius Health in Massachusetts. Atrius Health is a non-profit system of 32 medical practices with more than 825 physicians. The organization is also a Next Generation accountable care organization (ACO) that saved Medicare...

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Next Generation Accountable Care Organizations Save $164M

by Jacqueline LaPointe

Accountable care organizations (ACOs) assuming the highest levels of financial risk in Medicare saved $164 million during their second performance year, CMS recently reported. Medicare ACOs bring together groups of physicians, hospitals,...

How Next Generation ACOs Built a Foundation for Success

by Jacqueline LaPointe

Employing additional administrative staff, prioritizing care management, and building data analytics capacity were key strategies accountable care organizations (ACOs) implemented to participate in the Next Generation model, CMS recently...

CMS to Offer More Flexibility to Risk-Bearing ACOs, Verma Says

by Jacqueline LaPointe

Federal regulations and rules are commonly cited as barriers to implementing value-based reimbursement models. The rules can prevent care coordination and appropriate transitions of care, which negatively impact an accountable care...

Next Generation ACOs Save Medicare $62M, Maintain Care Quality

by Jacqueline LaPointe

Accountable care organizations (ACOs) in the Next Generation ACO program produced nearly $62 million in net savings to Medicare while maintaining care quality in 2016, CMS recently reported in the newly released evaluation of the...

ACOs Relax Post-Acute Care Rules to Improve Care, Reduce Costs

by Jacqueline LaPointe

Ensuring patients receive the right post-acute care at the right time is key to controlling costs in accountable care organizations (ACOs) and other population-based alternative payment models. With this in mind, Vermont’s statewide...

CMS Welcomes 58 Next Generation ACO Model Participants in 2018

by Jacqueline LaPointe

In 2018, the Next Generation ACO model will have a total of 58 participating accountable care organizations (ACOs), up from 45 organizations the previous year, CMS recently announced on the program’s Innovation Center webpage. The...

Accountable Care Organizations Cut Medicare Spending by $836M

by Jacqueline LaPointe

Accountable care organizations (ACOs) decreased Medicare spending by $836 million in 2016, new data from CMS revealed. As a result, the organizations from four Medicare ACO programs returned about $70.6 million in healthcare savings to...

61% of Next Generation ACOs Earned Shared Savings in 2016

by Jacqueline LaPointe

The majority of Next Generation Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) earned shared savings in the first year of the model, recent data from CMS revealed. Eleven of 18 total Next Generation ACOs will receive a shared savings payment from...

CMS Reopens Next Generation ACO Application Request Portal

by Jacqueline LaPointe

Providers interested in joining the Next Generation Accountable Care Organization (ACO) model in 2018 can now access the Request for Applications and Letter of Intent on the program’s portal, according to a recent CMS...

CMS Reopens 2018 Next Generation ACO Model Applications

by Jacqueline LaPointe

Providers interested in participating in the Next Generation Accountable Care Organization (ACO) model in 2018 can now submit a letter of intent to CMS, according to the alternative payment model’s webpage. The Next Generation ACO...

Next Generation Model Methodology May Boost MSSP ACO Success

by Jacqueline LaPointe

CMS should use a modified Next Generation model benchmark methodology to calculate healthcare cost thresholds to ensure all accountable care organizations (ACOs) in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) have an equal opportunity to...

CMS Seeks Final Applications for Next Generation ACO Model

by Jacqueline LaPointe

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Innovation Center announced the opening of its final round of applications for Next Generation Account Care Organization (ACO) Model, which will begin on January 1, 2017. The final round of...


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