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Healthcare Supply Chain Issues Cause VA Center Director Change

April 17, 2017 - The VA recently removed its medical center director from his position and temporarily reassigned him to administrative duties after the Office of Inspector General (OIG) reported several patient safety concerns stemming from healthcare supply chain management inadequacies. Charles Faselis, MD, will be the acting Medical Center Director while the VA reviews the OIG findings from March 2017....

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$2.75B in Unexpected Healthcare Spending Impacts VA Budget

by Jacqueline Belliveau

The Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) has encountered $2.75 billion in unanticipated healthcare spending  during the 2015 fiscal year due to an increase in community care program participation and new hepatitis C drugs, according...

Patient Scheduling Still Problematic at VA Medical Settings

by Catherine Sampson

In a perfect world, the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) patient scheduling system works effectively so veterans are able to access primary care physicians easily. Unfortunately, many veterans continue to face extremely long wait times...

Does Veterans’ Care Delivery Require Stronger Monitoring?

by Jacqueline DiChiara

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) via the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) spent over $58 billion last year providing care to over 6.5 million veterans, including an aging veteran population and an increasing number...

Veterans Health Administration Mismanaging the Consult Process

by Ryan Mcaskill

A new study from the Government Accountability Office found problems with the how the VHA oversees specialty care. Last week, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released the results of its review of the Department of Veterans Affairs’...

Four Senior Executives Fired by VA after Phoenix Scandal

by Ryan Mcaskill

The Phoenix wait list scandal has been a major black eye for the Office of Veteran Affairs (VA) since it was first reported in April 2014. It is another link in a growing chain of frustration surrounding how the VA handles patient care, alleged...

VA proposes higher pay for agency’s physicians and dentists

by Elizabeth Snell

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced on Wednesday its proposal for increased pay ranges for VA physicians and dentists. The proposal is for increases of $20,000 to $35,000 annually for physicians and dentists who are providing care...


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